Yasutsugu Mori “かぜそよぐ(Kaze Soyogu/Wind Rising)” e-Book Version Worldwide Release on November 25th.


Plexus Co.,Ltd and euphonic,inc. is proudly announcing the release of the e-Book version of Yasutsugu Mori “かぜそよぐ(Kaze Soyogu/Wind Rising)” on November 25th, 2022 .


A collection of works by Kyoto-based Japanese embroidery artist Yasutsugu Mori, “Kaze Soyogu(Wind Rising)” is now available in e-book. A collection of representative works produced to date, marking the 60th anniversary of the company’s founding. Born in a family that runs an embroidery business, he has been working with Japanese embroidery for 60 years.