Daido Moriyama "RECORD:No.35" e-Book Version Worldwide Release


Plexus Co.,Ltd and euphonic,inc. is proudly announcing the release of the e-Book version of Daido Moriyama’s legendary series “RECORD : No.35” on May 11th, 2018 .
In addition to Daido Moriyama’s distinctive expression of violently “Rough”“Blurry””Bokeh” style, this issue presents the calmness all over the pages. Motorcycle, Shoulders, Backstreets, Mannequin etc….those typical motifs which appears in Daido’s past works shows a different kind of Visage and atmosphere on this issue.

Vol.35 e-Book vers. US$28 each
*Price Varies in each region.
Released from Amazon Kindle Store/Apple iBookstore worldwide.
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