Issei Suda “Rei” e-Book Worldwide Release


Plexus Co., Ltd and euphonic,inc released Issei Suda’s “Rei“ on April 21st, 2017. “Rei“ is the 4th Photography e-Book by Issei Suda after “FUSHIKADEN:Complete Edition”.
“There, inside the show window, unfurls my own world of limitless desires.”
This controversial e-Book represents the photographer’s own idea of eroticism in perfection as embodied by the inorganic shapes of the mannequins in the show windows in the Ginza area at the break of the day.
One particularly appealing quality of Suda’s previous work has been the vague kind of sensuality that Japanese lyricism is charged with, whereas here this aspect is not only brought to the fore, but Suda unreservedly makes it the very target of his approach.
“Rei″ e-Book vers.
Pages:88pages / 57 images included.
*Price Varies in each region.
Released from Amazon Kindle Store/Apple iBookstore worldwide.