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Plexus Co.,Ltd and euphonic,inc. is released Issei Suda’s“FUSHIKADEN: Complete Edition“(Akio Nagasawa Publishing 2012) in e-Book version on January 12, 2016. “FUSHIKADEN:Complete Edition“ is the first e-Book series from the Photographer : Issei Suda.

■ Issei Suda“FUSHIKADEN:Complete Edition“ e-Book vers.

Epic masterpiece in the history of Photography
A Journey into the netherworld among the everyday life."

front page cover from Issei Suda
”FUSHIKADEN: Complete Edition“ e-Book.

Each period of age contains the unique atmosphere of the society and people on their own. The square format portraits contained in this book, points out the space between the sanctity and the worldliness of the people who lived in each period, and captures the drifting fragile memories which will be lost and vanished in time.
Sharply engaged images are the memories of the society :the collective consciousness of life and people remaining in each single page, and will be succeeded towards the future audience.

excerpts from Issei Suda ”FUSHIKADEN : Complete Edition“ e-Book.

About“FUSHIKADEN:Complete Edition“
“Fushikaden was a series that was featured irregularly in eight installments between December 1975 and December 1977 in the monthly photography magazine Camera Mainichi. Later the pictures appeared again alongside previously published and unpublished works in the book Fushikaden(Asashi Sonorama,1978),which as a matter of course is out of print today.
HNow finally, after all those years, these photographs are being published once again, this time in the form of a complete edition including 38 items of that weren't in the original book. Marking a point in my career when I was finally at the start line at the ready to go, the series composed of photos shot in daily life situations and on the road in the Kanto and Tohoku areas is for me a deeply emotional affair, and at once a slightly embarrassing document of my youth that reveals just now little has changed.”
-From Issei Suda“FUSHIKADEN:Complete Edition“- Afterword

Issei Suda:Born 1940 in Tokyo. Graduated from the Tokyo College of Photography in 1962. Was hired as house photographer for Shuji Terayama’s experimental theater troupe Tenjo Sajiki in ’67, before commencing his work as a freelance photographer in‘71. A Newcomer's Award from the Photographic Society of Japan for Fushi Kaden catapulted him into the limelight in 1976. He further received the Photographic Society of Japan’s Annual Award for the exhibition of the“Monogusa Syui”series in 1983, followed in ’85 by the 1st Domestic Photography Award at Higashikawa for“Nichijo no danpen”. In 1997, his book Human Memory received several awards including the Domon Ken Prize. In 2013, his large-scale retrospective exhibition“Nagi no hira ‒ fragments of calm”was shown at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. His works capturing moments between reality and non-reality have lately earned a high reputation also outside Japan. Main photo collections include Fushi Kaden (’78), Waga Tokyo 100 (’79), Akai hana ‒ scarlet bloom (2000), Fushi Kaden (definitive edition, 2012), and Anonymous Men and Women (’13), Early Works(’14), Childhood Days(’15).

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Issei Suda ”FUSHIKADEN : Complete Edition” e-Book Vers. January 8th, 2016


“FUSHIKADEN:Complete Edition”e-Book vers.

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